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 Well, day 2 of 30. 

Today was my dog Mae's birthday! The noodle-face is two years old today. I celebrated it by not putting her in doggie-jail (aka, her crate, which she has due to torn up carpet by the door when I've been gone). And also not doing any errands. *\o/* That said, the big one was returning a hideously expensive set of scissors (org. $50+ but $35 with coupon, and that don't even work that well), and buying more fabric. I think I can live. Mae got a (dog) cupcake too. It was adorbs. 

I also did dishes. And baked! I made loose crostata with raspberry filling. It was very yummy, and only one piece is left.

A very significant portion of the day was spent listening to Vienna Teng's new CD. Songs are growing on me, as they do. I'm just waiting for a connection to be made in my writing back-brain. Vienna has always provided a good selection for my writing music. 

I've got to say, I'm really enjoying this fall weather. I'm looking forward to drinking more hot tea now. 

Also, if anyone (mostly looking at fateofshadow here, but anyone else too) wants to toss me a writing prompt, go for it. I'm planning to do a post 10 fics in 10 days thing, and I need to start building up for that.


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